Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Opti Spring Schedule & Registration

CYC Opti Team,

The spring season will kick off in a few weeks, and it is essential to be prepared with warm gear! Please read the cold weather sailing guide. Sailors are required to have dry suits for the spring. Practice and coaching details are list below. Championship Fleet should pack a lunch for full day weekend practices because lunch may be eaten on the water.  Green and Lime Fleet should eat a late breakfast before practice, and pack a snack/lunch to eat after or during practice. There are sailors with severe nut allergies, please do not bring any food with nut ingredients (peanut butter, almond butter, granola bars, etc.). Please let me know if you have any questions. 😊

RWB Fleet
March 17th - April 29th
Wednesday 4 - 7 pm
Saturday / Sunday  9 am - 4 pm
Coaching: Juan Mazzini is starting the weekend of March 31st, he will be coaching qualified sailors at Spring Fling and Team Trials. Non-qualified RWB sailors can participate in Spring Fling, but you will need to charter a boat. There will still be RWB practices at Belmont during Spring Fling and Team Trials.  
March 2-4 |Sunshine State Champs| Julia
March 9-11 |Gulf Coast Championship| Jay + Julia
March 14 |Wed. Practice| Julia
March 17-18| Sat. & Sun. Practice| Julia
March 21 |Wed. Practice| Julia
March 24-25| Sat. & Sun. Practice| Julia
March 28 |Wed. Practice| Julia
March 31-April 1| Sat. & Sun. Practice| Juan
April 4 |Wed. Practice| Juan
April 7-8| Sat. & Sun. Practice| Juan
April 11|Wed. Practice| Juan
April 13-15|Spring Fling Regatta| Juan
April 14-15| Sat. & Sun. Practice| Julia
April 18| Wed. Practice| Juan
April 21-22| Sat. & Sun. Practice| Julia
April 21-29|Team Trials| Juan
April 28-29| Sat. & Sun. Practice| Julia

Green + Lime Fleet
March 31st - May 13th
Saturday / Sundays 10 am - 3 pm
Coaching: Amy,  Jeremy and I will be coaching Green + Lime practices. Both fleets will practice at the same time, but fleets are split based on the level of experience.
March 2-4 |Sunshine State Champs| Chuck
March 31-April 1| Sat. & Sun. Practice| Amy + Julia
April 7-8| Sat. & Sun. Practice| Amy + Julia
April 14-15| Sat. & Sun. Practice| Amy + Jeremy
April 21-22| Sat. & Sun. Practice| Amy + Jeremy
April 28-29| Sat. & Sun. Practice| Amy + Jeremy
May 5-6 | Sat. & Sun. Practice| Julia + Jeremy

May 12-13| Sat. & Sun. Practice| Amy + Julia

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

USODA Team Race Midwinter Championship - Congratulations Girls Team!

CYC sailors Madeline Torrey, Annie Samis and LYC Sailors Ava Meshel, Graceanna Dixon, competed at the USODA Midwinter Team Race Regatta hosted by South Carolina Yacht Club. The LYC/CYC team was coached by Pilo Rocha. This event was the first team race regatta for all four girls. The team won 4 races total: two in the qualifying round and two in the Silver fleet. They place 8th overall in Silver fleet out of 11 teams. Way to go Madeline and Annie!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2017 Orange Bowl Regatta Reports

Orange Bowl - RWB Fleet 
Regatta Report: Coach Hector Guzman
A day prior to the start of the event, the team met for one last practice session. We worked on fine-tuning our boats and sails while getting used to the conditions around the racing area. To finish the day and our preparation for the regatta, we partnered up with other teams and worked on starts and short races to get a good feel for what the next day would bring us.
Throughout the event, we saw light to medium winds from the NE and the N along with short chop – which made for similar conditions to the classic Westerly in Chicago. This helped the team adapt and look fast and comfortable. This year’s Orange Bowl was an extraordinary experience full of lessons, laughs, and challenges where the team took a step forward to the next level. Sailing with current and 70+ boats on the line was demanding but yet rewarding when executed properly. Learning how to read the clouds to predict wind shifts was one of the highlights of this event. This process required us to be disciplined and attentive to detail. Furthermore, it taught us the importance of hypotheses testing and the value of their conclusions. Discovering patterns allowed us not only to understand the present but to predict the future - a fundamental tool/ability for sailboat racing.
A respectable performance featured two overall finishes in the gold fleet, one silver, and two bronze while the team showed an outstanding attitude and desire to improve by continuing to work hard. Once again, I enjoyed coaching the team and look forward to many more experiences like this one.

Orange Bowl - Green Fleet 
Regatta Report: Coach Julia Melton
We had seven Chicago Yacht Club sailors on the green fleet course with a little under 70 boats total in the fleet. The sailors learned a lot in the four days of racing such as the importance of staying hydrated and focusing on three simple things: positioning in the boat, sail trim, and direction. The positioning in the boat is critical because proper positioning allows the skipper steer in a straight line. Keeping the boat flat upwind was critical. In shifty conditions like Biscayne Bay sailors need to be deliberate with their movement to keep the boat flat.
The second simple thing to focus on is sail trim. I always stress the importance of sail trim with my sailors. Sailors should make macro adjustments by sheeting in and out and then micro-adjustments by watching your telltales on the sail. The focus should be on your sail about 87-95% of the time, depending on the conditions. The other small percentage is used to check in with the fleet, course, waves, etc. The third simple thing we tried to focus on during the race was our direction around the course! This concept of "direction" may seem obvious, but newer sailors often forget about it on a green fleet course. Sailors need to make sure they are sailing in the right direction (towards the next mark!). This means navigating the least amount of distance to the next mark on the course. For example, upwind sailing the lifted tack and not sailing past layline.
The CYC sailors supported their teammates on and off the water. The top finishers were Evan Wern finishing in 16th and Grace Renz finishing in 23rd. All of our Green fleet sailors did a remarkable job, and most importantly, they were all smiling on the last day!


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Shepherd Regatta Results & Upcoming Winter/Spring Regattas

2017 Shepherd Regatta

CYC Opti sailors brave the cold weather at the 2017 Shepherd Regatta!

We had a brrrrilliant time at the Shepherd regatta last weekend! CYC had a strong showing with 5 sailors in RWB and 8 sailors in Green fleet. Our team learned the importance of keeping a sharp mental focus when it’s cold. (Temperatures were in the 30's on Saturday and in the lower 40's on Sunday with consistent rain!) This regatta was a great way to finish the fall season with top finishes in both fleets. Way to go team!

You can find the full results here: Shepherd Championship Final Results

Upcoming Winter/Spring Regattas

CYC will be supporting the following events for Green and RWB this winter and spring:

Blog Sign-up
Registration/ NOR
Dec 26th-30th
Orange Bowl
Coral Reef Yacht Club, FL
Deadline past
Registration deadline past
March 2-4
USODA Sunshine State Championship
US Sailing Center Martin County, FL
March 9-11
USODA Gulf Coast Championship
Fairhope Yacht Club, AL

Today is the sign-up deadline for Sunshine State Championship and Gulf Coast Championship. Please mark yourself down if you wish to participate so we can get an accurate headcount. There will be a Friday practice at the venue for both events.

If you are not bringing a boat to Orange Bowl, you can still charter a boat at Sunshine or Gulf Coast Champs. 

Please reach out if you have questions. 


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Good Boathandling Videos to Watch!

Green & Lime Fleet Families!!
We've had a great month of practice! Both Green & Lime are raising their game to the next level. Both Teams are working on more efficient boathandling, particularly tacks - leading up to to roll tacks. A picture is worth one million words, I told both groups I'd send some links to videos for them. There's lots of video out there;  boats capsizing, surfing waves, feel free to search around for lots of Opti sailing fun from all over the world!

Here are links to some YouTube Videos.  Please share these with your sailor, and feel free to watch them with him/her!! Look at the body/leg/feet/hand positions.
Some by the RYA... (Royal Yachting Association) Great Britain's National Sailing Authority. They are great demos of tacks!! 

Tacks in lighter & lumpy, Crossing boat with a hand on the centerboard trunk (not RYA).

All the sailors should join the US Opti Class - for more info and for a great video, Checkout USODA.org
Reach out with questions!! 


-Coach Amy

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Accommodations for Upcoming Regattas

CYC Green Team,

USODA Midwest Championship at Tawas Bay Yacht Club. Team Picture: CYC RWB and Green Sailors.

We had a blast at the USODA Midwest regatta last weekend! Many of you are discussing plans for the next two upcoming regattas, which is awesome! I’ve had a couple questions about hotel accommodations. You are welcome to stay wherever you would like, but below is where I’ve booked rooms for the coaches.

  1. US Junior Olympics regatta @ Macatawa Bay Yacht Club October 7-8th. There are 20 rooms left at the Quality Inn and several other hotel options in the Holland area. I did not reserve a room block, but if you would like to stay at the Quality Inn , it’s about 12 mins away from MBYC. There will be no practice on Friday. The drive is about 3 hours so you may want to arrive Friday evening if you’re not a morning person.
Quality Inn:
422 E. 32nd St.
Holland, MI, 49423
Front Desk:(616) 392-1000

  1. Halloween Spectacular @ Lake Geneva Yacht Club, October 28-29th. Please see the Notice of Race (NOR) attached. The NOR has a few hotel recommendations.  I booked a room for the coaches at the Fontana Village Inn about 8-12 mins away from the Club. There will be no Friday practice so if you are up for making the 2 hour drive on Saturday morning, then you only need to book for one night.

Fontana Village Inn: 

I will send out a detailed regatta schedule a week prior to each event. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions. I’m thrilled with the amount of enthusiasm and participation that we have for these upcoming events!

Thank you,

Julia Melton | Sailing School Director