Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Lime Fleet Update

Hello Lime Fleet Families!!

Practice Sunday 10/9/16; Noon-4pm

MARATHON MAYHEM:  MARATHON CLOSURES: Lake Shore Drive will remain open all of Sunday, so everyone will be able to access the club that way. In terms of getting on to Lake Shore Drive, all parts of the course north of North Avenue will be closed starting at 7am, but open again at 11am.

Please eat before you arrive so we can get straight into the week's Sailing! Wind permitting we'll be working on starts and going around a short race course!


Fall might really arrive this weekend (high temp of 60?), sailors should come prepared with a fleece, or insulating layer (not cotton!) and windbreaker layer. Don't forget a change of clothes in the event your sailor gets wet.

SCHEDULE Sunday 10/9/16

1100 - Coaches on hand to help with rigging
1130 - Rigging Clinic - We'll concentrate on rig&sail set-up on the grass or patio (off the crowded dock to really get it right!!) - Knot tying, Boom Bridles, etc... if you have questions with rigging, be there at 11:30!! 
1200 - Rigged & Ready, 

1201 - Classroom Chalk Talk

1220 - Dockside Demonstrations, rig checks, launch

1300 - Sailing!!

1500 - Land & Derig

1530 - Debrief
1600 - Depart

Upcoming Regatta: Halloween Spectacular (Spooktacular)

  1. Again this weekend, we'll be making more recommendations as to who is ready to sail in their first Green Fleet Regatta in October (Halloween Spooktacular). Some are ready, while, despite my best efforts, others are not quite there yet!  We want everyone to have a GREAT, POSITIVE experience at their first regatta, so we'll make sure we bring those who are really ready, and really interested in going!
  2. Deadline for Registration is October 12, so all recommendations will be made by this Sunday, October 9.


1st- You MUST complete and send the attached entry form to Will Howard ( or Morgan Collins ( by October 12th to register.

2nd- Once registered for the event, you MUST sign up on the CYC Opti BlogThis enables us to plan for boat transportation.

 Reach out with any questions!
-Coach Amy